North Okanagan Pipes & Drums


Pipe Major's Welcome

Welcome to our website and the start of our FIFTH year as a pipe band!

 It’s a “bitter/ sweet” feeling this year as we say goodbye to Brenda Goodman as she and her husband Randy move to PEI to be closer to family. Our focus in the band is all about family, so it’s hard to fault them for leaving us with all of their families in the Maritimes. Good luck to you, we will miss you both dearly!

We are also saying “see you later” to Gwyneth Evans, one of our loyal and valuable members who is off to University in Vancouver. Although she is away right now we keep her on our list as she plans on coming back in the Spring to play with us through her time off school. Good luck Gwyneth,we wish nothing but the best for you!
As always, we welcome anyone who is interested to drop by and check us out. You may decide to join our relaxed, laid back group. We can teach you any of the pipe band instruments if you don’t already play one.

Our tune list has stabilized at 50 tunes, some which are seasonal and for special performances. Our tunes are fairly basic and easy to learn, but we do offer more difficult ones for individuals or groups who want the challenge.

We keep the number of events fairly low as we don’t want our members to feel that this is a part-time job. We prefer to enjoy our music and be able to contribute to the community without being overworked.

We now have kilts for everyone and most of our outfits are close to complete. We still need jackets and a few accessories but we are starting to look very sharp now in our “Ancient Macbeth” tartan.


Le deagh dhùrachd

Don Macleod, Pipe Major
                    September 2016